Habit Ideas

In December during my annual review I evaluate new habits I want to start, existing habits to continue or reinforce, and bad habits to stop. Here are some ideas and prompts to help you review your own habits.

If you’re not using one already, I strongly recommend you use a habit tracker app. The Coach.me app is my favorite and you can add unlimited habits at no cost. Others I have used before include Way of Life, Habitify and Lean PD.


  • Pray
    • Pray with my family
    • Pray for my spouse and children
    • Pray for one friend
    • Pray for one enemy
    • Pray for someone that does not know Jesus Christ
  • Weekly spiritual devotion with my spouse
  • Read the Bible
  • Church attendance
  • Write in a spiritual journal
  • Meditate
  • Be Grateful


  • Date night with spouse every week
  • Listen to a family podcast
  • Business meeting with spouse every week
  • Relationship review with spouse every week
  • Read books with my children every night
  • Be home for dinner every night


  • Inbox Zero
  • Time Block Daily/Weekly
  • Read instructional information in my field for 30 minutes daily
  • Use a goal setting journal
  • Write daily
  • Set priorities for the day
  • Weekly check-in with peak performance partner
  • Answer 10 questions every day


  • Track spending
  • Charitable giving
  • Follow a budget
  • Save % of every paycheck


  • Sleep 8 hours daily
  • Exercise
    • Walk
    • Go to the gym
    • Lift weights
    • Push ups
    • Run
    • Crunches
  • Diet
    • Eat fruits and vegetables
    • No fast food
    • No soda
    • Reduce sugar, caffeine, etc.
    • No sweets or one dessert per week
    • Track every meal on an app
  • Floss
  • Brush teeth
  • Drink more water
  • No screens after 10 pm
  • Yoga
  • Take vitamins
  • Stretch
  • Work standing-up 1 hour (use a desk that can raise and lower)
  • No snooze, get up first time alarm goes off


  • Read and/or listen to books
  • Read one book summary every day
  • Set aside time to think and plan for 2 hours per week
  • Listen to a podcast
  • Write 10 ideas a day (thanks James Altucher for this idea)
  • Journal
  • Use a goal setting journal
  • Write daily
  • No screens after 10 pm
  • Watch a TED talk
  • Write three positive things about today
  • Affirmations
  • Answer 10 questions every day


  • Eat at a new restaurant every month
  • Discard something every day
  • Clean for 15 minutes
  • Make bed
  • Weekly check-in with peak performance partner
  • No snooze, get up first time alarm goes off
  • Do something fun on the weekend


  • Listen more, talk less
  • Call or text one friend
  • Call or text one family member
  • Write one note per month to a friend
  • Dinner with friends once per month
  • Send birthday cards to friends
  • Talk to a stranger

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