RFI Checklist and Template

Inspired by The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande, I developed this checklist for processing an RFI (request for information).

We store this file in our project setup template folder for easy access.

These steps are for internally generated RFIs. You may receive an RFI response that was generated by another party, in those cases you can follow the relevant steps. I recommend assigning every external RFI with an internal RFI number to keep them in sequential order in your RFI log.

[Title] = assign a title for the tasks based on which job description is best suited for each task. For example, writing the RFI requires more skill and experience than updating the RFI log. These tasks may be done by one person, or you may assign some tasks to support staff on your team.

One: RFI Generation

  • Create a new RFI folder. Name folder with next RFI number in sequence and title of the RFI
    Example: Project Folder\RFIs\03-Building A Beam Size\
  • Copy the checklist and RFI template to the new RFI folder
  • Rename the RFI template to match the RFI folder name
    Example: Project Folder\RFIs\03-Building A Beam Size\RFI-03 Building A Beam Size.docx
  • Write the RFI, follow the guidelines from How to Write an RFI (link to your internal procedure or my post)
  • [Title] Convert RFI word doc to PDF and email to contractor
  • [Title] Email copy of RFI to all relevant parties (subcontractors, suppliers, detailers, etc.)
  • [Title] Update the RFI log with new entry

Two: Processing the RFI Response

This section to be completed upon receipt of RFI response.

  • Update the folder name with the project RFI number in parentheses at the end of the folder
    Example: Project Folder\RFIs\03-Building A Beam Size (084)\
  • Copy the response to the RFI folder
  • Type the internal company job number and work package on the PDF copy of the response
  • Update the RFI log
  • Notate RFI response comments on the PDF copy of the contract drawings, use red text and clouds
  • Notate RFI response comments on the printed copy of the contract drawings using red ink
  • Distribute a copy of the RFI response to all relevant parties (subcontractors, suppliers, detailers, etc.)
  • Copy and paste a shortcut to this RFI into any related project folders (submittal folder, change orders, etc.)
  • Update any related documents impacted by the RFI response (submittal log, schedule, etc.)
  • If the RFI response changes the scope of work, immediately notify the contractor and open a PCO or COR
    PCO = Potential Change Order | COR = Change Order Request

Hope you find this useful for you and your project management team.

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