January 2019 Monthly Review

  • Regular use of Full Focus Planner
  • Development and approval of 2019 sales and revenue growth plan at work
  • 11 blog posts
  • 7 books finished
  • Meals or activities with friends 11 times
  • Family fun, outings and trips 7 times
  • Completed most physical habit goals
  • Made progress on every major annual goal for 2019
  • Effective weekly calls with peak performance partner
  • Missed some days on Full Focus Planner
  • Missed time blocking on several days
  • Missed using Stewarding Life planner on several days
  • Following my written plan for morning routine, focus on closing email for 60 minutes after processing inbox. This one tweak should create the time to fix all three losses.
  • Add closing email to habit tracker with an alert for 8 am.
Books Finished
  1. The Great Bridge by David McCullough
  2. The Autobiography of George Muller
  3. The Inexplicable Universe: Unsolved Mysteries by The Great Courses
  4. Consciousness and the Brain by Stanislas Dehaene
  5. Hit Makers by Derek Thompson
  6. Sam Walton: Made in America by Sam Walton
  7. Presence by Amy Cuddy

Listing the top few. See my weekly reviews for more.

  • People have to make a choice between better or safer. Most people choose safer. If employees are looking for safer (which most are) and I, as a boss, am looking for better, that doesn’t work. (from Leap First by Seth Godin)
  • The greatest asset you can possess is the desire for knowledge and the willingness to earn it. -Andrew Carnegie from The Wisdom of Success (summary here)
  • By focusing on the outcome we ignore the process. Focus on the process. (from Presence by Amy Cuddy)
  • Speak slowly.
  • Education alleviates uncertainty. – Peter Mallouk
  • Three types of people: those who can see, those who can see when shown,¬† and those who will never see. From my podcast notes on How to Master Essentialism.
New Habits I am Developing
  • Using Full Focus Planner daily
  • Work standing 1 hour daily
  • Time block 30 minutes daily (work in progress)
  • Weekly: run 3x, weights 3x, abs 5x

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