Weekly Review 2019 Week 07

  1. Mentoring meeting with a friend on Saturday morning.
  2. Dinner out with good friends on Sunday night
  3. Worked on blog 30 minutes for 3 days. 3 blog posts this week plus one scheduled for next week (Verbal Judo Book Summary)
  4. Completed research into investments to be made for Q1 (mostly Vanguard ETF)
  5. Written next steps in sales plan.
  6. Productive call with Peak Performance Partner on Friday.
  7. One meal with friends (15 YTD)
  8. Completed all physical goals for the week.
  1. Still working out the morning time block. Missed a couple of days.
  2. Reacted to a couple of situations instead of responding.
  1. Added closing email to outlook calendar reminder for 8 am. Habit tracker did not work well due to having alerts turned off on phone (no alerts due to advice from reading Deep Work).
  2. Mental focus on pause and plan and responding instead of reacting.
  3. Focus on the positive qualities of people instead of where I see need for improvement or faults.
Ah-ha Moments
  • Prayer is an end in itself.
  • Deuteronomy 7:22. God had a plan for His people. It would be fulfilled “little by little” requiring time and patience.
  • From Meditations by Marcus Aurelius (I don’t necessarily recommend the book but did get a few things from it)
  • You can’t master the arts of reading and writing until you’ve studied them. This applies even more to those who would master the art of living.
  • I marvel at how men love themselves more than others, while at the same time caring more about what others think of them than what they think of themselves.
  • What is your own true good?
    He who loves fame, considers it to lay in another man’s reactions.
    He who loves pleasure, his own sensations.
    He who has understanding considers his own acts to be his own good.
  • It is very possible to be a great man and be recognized as such by no one.
  • Short-lived are both the praiser and the praised.
  • From Richard Branson The Virgin Way:
    Poor leaders have an aversion to facing confrontation.
Personal Development Material I am Studying This Week
  • Fanatical Prospecting by Jeb Blount
  • The Virgin Way by Richard Branson
  • Genghis Kahn and the Making of the Modern World
  • Health Lessons on Khan Academy
  • Bible, book of Deuteronomy
Weekly Big 3 Goals for Next Week, Week 08
  1. Spend quality time with family during the week with holiday and vacation.
  2. Work on blog 30 minutes for three days, result of at least two posts.
  3. Complete interviews and hiring tests with at least three candidates

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