Weekly Review 2019 Week 04

  1. Worked on blog 30 minutes for 3 days resulting in three blog posts.
  2. Completed two books. Presence by Amy Cuddy and Sam Walton Made in America.
  3. Family day at Rock City on Monday.
  4. Productive call with Peak Performance Partner on Friday.
  5. Two meals with friends (10 for the month as of week end)
  6. Several 3rd party detailers are now in training.
  7. Improvements to daily morning time block helped, completed 3 time blocks.
  1. Missed using Full Focus Planner one day, took me off track.
  2. Had a cold and used that as an excuse not to use my fluoride toothpaste.
  1. Use Full Focus Planner in the morning immediately after processing my email inbox, following my planned morning routine.
  2. Just do it and stop making excuses.
  3. Continue using the 30 minute time block 9-9:30 am, expand to 45 minutes.
Ah-ha Moments
  • The greatest asset you can possess is the desire for knowledge and the willingness to earn it. -Andrew Carnegie from The Wisdom of Success (summary here)
  • Most big goals we set require us to make 100s of tiny changes. That is why we often do not accomplish them.
  • By focusing on the outcome we ignore the process. Focus on the process.
Personal Development Material I am Studying This Week
  • Presence by Amy Cuddy
  • Sam Walton Made in America
  • Leap First by Seth Godin
  • Fanatical Prospecting by Jeb Blount
  • Health Lessons on Khan Academy
  • Confident Parenting by Jim Burns
  • Bible, currently book of Leviticus, Matthew and I Corinthians
Weekly Big 3 Goals for Next Week, Week 05
  1. Complete performance reviews with all employees
  2. Have a great and productive meeting with VP on 2019 sales plan.
  3. Work on blog 30 minutes for three days, result of at least three posts.
  4. File taxes for 2018.

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